We love big. Big ideas. Big coffee cups. And a team that grows bigger and better.


The rules of creative thinking are – there are no rules. Inspiration does not walk into a room wearing a nametag. Signs don’t point to a potentially great idea. Well not too often. Ideas come from anywhere. And anyone and we’re open to the process. New adventures. New brands. New technologies and new people.

At Creative Media, we are always looking for fresh minds. Inspiring creatives. Candid writers. The strategists. The planners. The music-must-go-on-ers.

If you think you fit the herd, follow the steps below and submit your application.
We should get back to you within a week.


1. Tell us who you are?

Send us your CV/Resume that highlights your experience.


2. Tell us what you do?

Send us a digital portfolio or website link showcasing your best work.
(It’d be great if your digital portfolio does not exceed 25MB)


3. Tell us why you think you have


In words, not more than 150, answer why Creative Media is the right place for you?
How can you add to the team? How will you stand out, yet fit in?